P1326 Code: Meaning, Causes, Symptoms (& How to Fix)

Modern vehicle models contain a knock sensor. The knock sensor monitors the noises and vibrations coming from the engine block, transfers engine noises and vibrations into a signal, and sends this signal to the vehicle’s powertrain control module (PCM). The PCM uses this data to determine whether or not ignition timing should be changed. When the PCM determines that the vibration signal coming from the Knock Sensor Detection System (KSDS) is unusual, it triggers the P1326 code. This article explains the P1326 code symptoms, its causes, and how to fix it. 

P1326 Code Definition

P1326 code stands for “Knock Sensor Detection System (Kia/Hyundai).”

What Does the P1326 Code Mean?

The P1326 code indicates that the powertrain control module (PCM) of your vehicle detects that the signal coming out of the KSDS (Knock Sensor Detection System) determines the vibrations occurring are unusual. 

P1326 Code

The Knock Sensor Detection System (KSDS) is a new engine monitoring technology. The Knock Sensor Detection System monitors vibration to ensure connecting rod bearings are not subject to extreme wear. This system is mainly designed to avoid engine wear.

This system of your vehicle alerts you about an early stage of bearing wear, as serious engine damage or failure can occur. Constant vibrations due to functional wear cause the MIL (Malfunction Indicator Lamp) to illuminate continuously. The illuminated MIL alerts the driver about a problem.

Symptoms of P1326 Code

Causes of P1326 Code

  • Bad knock sensor
  • Open or shorted harness to the knock sensor
  • A motor in poor condition
  • Loose connections to the knock sensor
  • PCM needs reprogramming
  • Corroded or faulty wires to the knock sensor

How to Diagnose the P1326 Trouble Code?

  1. First of all, use an OBD2 to verify the presence of the P1326 code.
  2. Erase all the codes saved in the PCM storage. If the code returns, move forward for further inspection.
  3. Check for poor connections at the knock sensor.
  4. Check the electrical wires of the knock sensor for damage.
  5. Switch ON the ignition key to check whether the engine rotates or not, then switch the key back to OFF once completed.
  6. Inspect the knock sensor harness for a short or open circuit.
  7. If there is misfiring detected, then inspect the coil pack and spark plug of your vehicle.
  8. Properly inspect your knock sensor for damage.
  9. Properly examine the software version of your PCM. If it needs upgradation, then upgrade it.

Common P1326 Code Diagnostic Mistakes

  • Not replacing the parts that have failed because of overuse or dirt 
  • Locating the wrong cause of the problem
  • Not using the freeze data of the scan tool
  • Not fixing other trouble codes before fixing the P1326 code
  • Replacing the knock sensor before inspecting the other parts.  
  • Not following proper repair procedure according to the repair manual.

How serious is the P1326 Code?

The P1326 trouble code is considered a serious trouble code. This code may generate different drivability issues, such as rough idling, engine stalling, or limp mode. If you do not fix this code immediately, it may lead to engine failure. Therefore, you should fix this trouble code as soon as possible.

What repairs can fix the P1326?

  • Replacing the faulty knock sensor
  • Repairing the damaged or loose electrical connections to knock the sensor circuit
  • Updating or replacing the bad PCM
  • Repairing the shorted or opened harness

How much does it cost to fix the P1326 Code?

The repairing or fixing cost of the P1326 depends on various factors, including the labor cost and the nature of the repair. To fix the P1326, you need to repair one or more of the below-given parts:

Knock sensor circuit connection repair$40 to $570
Knock sensor replacement$140 to $470
Updating ECM$50 to $450

FAQ Section

Can you drive with P1326 code?

It is not recommended to drive with the P3126 code. Driving with this code may produce various drivability problems, such as engine stalling or rough idling. You shouldn’t drive with this code for a long time because it may lead to the complete failure of the engine. Therefore, you must fix the main issue of this code immediately as you observe it.

Will P1326 clear itself?

In most vehicles, the engine code P1326 clears itself as you fix the main issue of this code. However, in some models, you need to clear this code through a scan tool. You shouldn’t ignore this code. Ignoring the P1326 code may lead to the complete failure of the engine. 

What does the knock sensor do to the engine?

The main function of the knock sensor is to identify the high-frequency engine vibrations that lead to knocking and transmit this information to the PCM/ECM of your vehicle. The main purpose of the installation of this sensor is to get the maximum energy yield by starting the ignition as soon as possible. This sensor also helps to improve engine torque and improve fuel economy.

Can I fix the knock engine?

Yes, you can fix the engine knocking by replacing the damaged or worn bearings. Most commonly, the worn bearings lead to the engine knocking. When your bearings are worn-out, they don’t properly support the engine weight, which may lead to knocking. 

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