Who will pay my bills if an Uber driver hits me?

You never expect to be in a car accident, much less in one where the other driver is driving for Uber. However, these accidents do happen, and when they do, you may be left wondering who would take care of your medical bills if you sustain injuries.

To find out who might be liable for injuries when an Uber driver is involved, you may visit wattelandyork. Let’s see what options you have in this case.

Determining Liability

It is important for liability to be determined before Uber will consider helping pay for your injuries. If you are liable or partially liable, Uber will likely resist paying. You also run the risk of having your claim denied by the insurance company if you are found to be liable.

Uber driver

Start the process by reporting the accident and your injuries to Uber or Lyft. You must do this through the reporting system in their apps.

Who pays when there is an Uber driver involved?

In a car accident, whoever caused the wreck or their insurance company will typically pay for the medical bills and lost wages. However, when the accident involves an Uber driver, the situation changes. Since most personal car insurance policies do not cover accidents that happen when a car is used for commercial purposes, it falls upon the driver to have purchased either a commercial insurance policy or added a ride-sharing endorsement to their policy.

Fortunately for those who find themselves involved in an accident with a rideshare driver, both Uber and Lyft have tackled this difficult situation by providing liability insurance to their drivers. This is valid as soon as a driver logs into their app to accept a ride.

The Uber driver will start by reporting the accident to their insurance company first. Then, Uber’s policy would kick in.

Your claim would be filed both against the Uber driver’s insurance and Uber’s. Working with a rideshare accident attorney can help you with this process, and they can fight for you to get compensation for your damages and losses.

Understanding Uber’s Car Insurance Liability Coverage

Although Uber offers liability coverage to its drivers, coverage will vary depending on when the accident occurs.

When The App Is Off

If you are hit when the driver has the Uber app turned off, the driver’s insurance policy will have to respond to your claim.

When The App Is on But the Driver Is Still Waiting for a Ride Request

In cases when drivers have logged in to the app but have yet to accept a ride or pick up a passenger, Uber will provide coverage if the driver’s personal insurance does not apply. Uber’s coverage includes up to:

  • $50,000 in bodily injury per person
  • $100,000 in bodily injury per accident
  • $25,000 in property damage liability

When The App Is on, and the Driver is Picking Up a Rider or Transporting One

Once the driver has accepted a trip and is either picking up a passenger or transporting one, Uber will provide liability insurance for all covered accidents for up to one million dollars plus additional limited coverage for damages to their driver’s car.

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