What Should I do After an Auto Crash?

Auto accidents happen quickly, but after you get hit, it is time to take action. If the other party caused the crash, you could hold them responsible for any damages they caused. You will want to get as much information and evidence as possible so your attorney can help you get compensation.

Car accident lawyers work hard to fight for your right to a fair settlement. They use all of your estimated damages and proof from your car accident to help you.

Auto Crash

After you have been hit by another car, the following are the steps you should take:

1) Call 911

You should call 911 so that the paramedics and police can be sent to your location. This allows the first responders to check your car accident injuries. The 911 dispatch will also send out traffic police to your location. You’ll get the opportunity to report your car accident and let the police know what happened.

The police will make an unbiased official report of the car accident. Police reports can be used as evidence in your car accident settlement claim.

2) Get Medical Treatment

If you didn’t get any medical care from the first responders, you should see a doctor. Your healthcare practitioner can examine you to see what type of injuries you have. Getting checked out by your doctor as soon as possible is crucial. Your injuries can be directly tied to your car accident if you see a doctor immediately.

If you delay this, it can make it more difficult for your lawyer to prove that all of your injuries were caused by the car crash. Your medical expenses are also a form of proof and can be included in your settlement.

3) Take Photographs

You should take pictures of the car accident to show how extensive the damage was. You should also take pictures of other vehicles involved in the car crash. Pictures of the area where the car accident happened and any obstacles in the road will also be helpful.

The attorney may use an accident reconstruction specialist to prove your case. Don’t forget to take pictures of your injuries. Take photographs of your wounds directly after the car crash and additional pictures after you’ve been treated at the hospital.

4) Get Contact Information

Reach out to the at-fault driver and get their name, phone number, and insurance coverage information. The police will also provide this information in the police report. Get contact information from eyewitnesses who saw how the car crash occurred. Your attorney will contact them, later on, to get witness testimonies from them.

5) Call an Attorney

You should call a personal injury lawyer before you call your insurance company so they can advise you on what to say to them. Speaking to an attorney about your car accident will help guide you through the car accident claim process. This is especially helpful in Florida, a no-fault state that requires each individual’s insurer to cover the cost of the damage initially.

When you’re not at fault, you must seek compensation from the other individual’s insurance company to reimburse any expense you paid because of your car accident.

Your attorney can help you file a settlement claim with the other party’s insurance company after investigating your claim and calculating all of your economic and non-economic damages. This way, the other party’s insurance company doesn’t try to make you settle for far less than you deserve.

What happens after an attorney gets Involved?

When you team up with an attorney, you can focus on recovering from your wounds. Attorneys will contact all involved parties on your behalf, acquire the police report, request surveillance camera footage, and much more. They analyze and investigate every bit of evidence so that they can get you compensated fairly. Their strategy involves negotiating a fair settlement with the other party.

If the other party refuses, they will represent you in court before a judge and jury. You can depend on a car accident attorney to get the job done so you receive compensation for your damages.

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