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What is a SmartBot Pump?

SmartBot is an intelligent pump expert that makes people’s lives easier and better by offering reliable and competent water removal products with constant technology innovation.

Smartbot pumps are extremely compact with identical robot-like looks, unlike any other water pumps.

Smartbot pumps are equipped with 6 adaptors and can reach the max flow rate with a 2” hose.

These are the best suitable pumps for gardening and swimming pool applications. You can easily port them from one place to other. However, these are not sump pumps. Don’t use them to pump the sewage pump.

Features of Smartbot Pump

  1. Brand Name: Smartbot
  2. Product: Robust 2800 or Super 3600 Submersible Utility Water Pump
  3. Brand Positioning: Intelligent pump expert
  4. These are strong, compact designs and user-friendly pumps.
  5. Innovative Looks
  6. Slogan: Small but Mighty
  7. Function Highlight: 1/2 HP, Auto-On/Off, Knock-Over Protection, Dry-Run Protection, Indicator lights

Features of Robust 2800

Smartbot pump
  • Product Name: Smarbot Submersible pump
  • Retail price: $199
  • Deal price (discount):
  • Smart and Portable: Small but Mighty at just 8*7*10 inches. You can easily carry the Smartbot from the basement to the garden or pool at any time to effectively drain all the water. This small pump can drain basements and silos affected by floods, drainage wells, rainwater collection tanks, roofs, etc.

Function Highlight / Key selling points:

  1. Powerful and highly efficient: 1/2 HP, 2800 GPH, 25ft. of head lifting
  2. Auto-Flo Technology Saves Time and Effort
  3. Knock Over Operation & Dry Run Protection
  4. 6 Connectors & Adaptors (2*2”,1-1⁄2”,1-1⁄4”,1”, 3⁄4”)
  5. Smart and Portable

Usage/Note: Suitable for removing water in the flooded basement, yard, garage, pool, window well, and so on.

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