P06DD Code: Meaning, Symptoms, Causes (& Repair Cost)

The engine consists of multiple parts and sensors. Whenever any of these sensors go bad, the engine sends a signal to the powertrain control module (PCM). Whenever the PCM notices any fault, it triggers a code. The trouble code P06DD indicates that your PCM has detected a problem with the oil pressure sensor or switch.

P06DD Code Definition

The P06DD code stands for “Engine Oil Pressure Control Circuit Stuck Off.”

What does the P06DD Code Mean?

P06DD code indicates that the powertrain control module (PCM) receives a signal from the engine oil pressure sensor that the oil pressure is too low or too high. In such a situation, the PCM attempts to minimize engine wear by disabling the oil pump drive and setting the code.

P06DD Code

The oil pump has seven vanes. It also has a rotating element that constantly adjusts to provide a constant supply of oil pressure as the pump’s displacement changes. The pump contains two pressure-regulated stages (low-pressure mode and high-pressure mode). An open/closed solenoid valve is used to control these stages.

The high-pressure mode setting (solenoid valve closed) is approximately 65PSI, and the low-pressure mode setting (solenoid valve open) is about 29PSI. Your vehicle’s PCM adjusts the pump between stages according to the engine load, speed, coolant temperature, oil temperature, and operating conditions.

When the PCM detects that the oil pressure is below the specified limit, it will trigger a P06DD code to alert the driver.

Causes of P06DD Code

The P06DD engine code is usually triggered due to one or more of the following causes:

  1. Low engine oil
  2. Incorrect engine oil filter
  3. Dirty engine oil
  4. Bad oil pump
  5. Bad oil pressure sensor
  6. Faulty connection or electrical components connected to the oil pressure sensor circuit
  7. Opened or shortened oil pressure sensor harness
  8. Damaged wiring
  9. Bad oil filter

Symptoms P06DD Code

  • Illuminated check engine light
  • Excessive engine vibration
  • Noise from the engine 
  • Loss of oil pressure
  • Poor engine power
  • Poor vehicle performance 
  • Rough running idle and/or stalling 
  • Rough idle

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How To Diagnose P06DD Code

To diagnose the DTC P06DD, perform the below-given steps:

  1. Use a scanner to verify the presence of the P06DD trouble code.
  2. Record all stored fault codes, along with all available freeze frame data. This information could be very helpful if an intermittent fault is diagnosed later on.
  3. Check the engine oil leaks.
  4. Inspect the engine oil level. If your engine oil is less than the specific oil level, then add more oil. If your oil is dirty, then change it.
  5. Inspect the oil pump and replace it if needed
  6. Visually inspect the mechanical condition/angle of the engine oil pressure sensor.
  7. Inspect the wiring connected to the engine oil pressure sensor
  8. Inspect the connectors to make sure it is working efficiently.

Common P06DD Code Diagnosis Mistakes

  • Replacing the Oil Pump Drive Assembly without verifying that it is faulty
  • Replacing the engine oil pressure sensor without inspecting the engine oil level and wiring
  • Replacing the oil pressure sensor with an incorrect part number

What repairs can fix the P06DD Code

  1. Adding more engine oil if needed
  2. Changing the engine oil if your oil is dirty
  3. Replacing the engine oil filter
  4. Replacing the engine oil pump assembly
  5. Replacing the valve cover gasket
  6. Replacing or repairing the damaged wiring
  7. Replacing or reprograming the PCM

Repair Cost of P06DD Code

The repair or fixing cost of the P06DD code varies according to the vehicle model, labor cost, and the cause of the problem. To fix or repair the P06DD code, you may need one or more of the following repairs:

Engine oil pump assembly replacement$290 to $2600 
Oil pressure sensor replacement$70 to $270
Valve cover gasket replacement$100 to $350
Oil Filter replacement$40 to $90
Oil change$20 to $60

FAQ Section

What is the P06DD Code?

The P06DD code indicates that the engine oil pressure sensor of your car is signaling the Powertrain Control Module (PCM) that the oil pressure is too low, which is affecting the dual-stage oil pump.

What is the P06DD code for the Chevy Silverado?

A Chevrolet Silverado with the P06DD trouble code is listed as faulty because the engine oil pressure control circuit is stuck when commanding high oil pressure greater than 95 PSI or the vehicle’s oil pump is not operating. This code is most likely to appear on the 2014-2016 Chevrolet Silverado models. Possible causes include a bad oil pump, a bad engine oil pressure sensor, a bad oil filter, or a low oil level.

How Serious is the P06DD Code?

If not repaired, the P06DD code can cause serious engine damage. The most common result is a stuck piston/cylinder due to insufficient oil pressure causing the engine to stop working.

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