What are the Causes and Symptoms of P0507 Code? | How to fix P0507 Code?

The Onboard Diagnostic (OBD) system of the car generates the Diagnostics Trouble Code (DTC), which tells you about the exact problem in the engine of your car. If you hear unusually loud engine noises, your vehicle may have a P0507 code. A DTC P0507 is not dangerous, and you can drive with it. However, it can infrequently cause different problems. This article explains the P0507 code symptoms and causes.

What does a P0507 Code mean?

A P0507 code stands for “Idle Control System RPM higher than expected.” The series of all the OBD II trouble codes from P0505 to P0509 tells us about the various faults in the idle control (IAC) system.

P0507 code

The trouble code P0507 triggers when the engine control module (ECM) detects that the speed of the engine exceeds its actual speed limit in an idle condition for a specific period of time. Whenever the ECM detects high idle speed, it instantly triggers the trouble code P0507.

In cars with electronic throttle control, electronics and sensors help to maintain idle speed. A trouble code activates when your vehicle ECM detects that the idle speed has exceeded the desired RPM.

Usually, the trouble code P0507 triggers when the idle speed of the engine is over 200 RPM higher as compared to the actual idle speed, and your check engine light starts illuminating on your car dashboard.

What is Idle Control System?

After 2000, the idle air control system became the most important component of the electronic throttle body assembly.

The primary function of the IAC system is to prevent the engine from stalling at idle speed. The idle control system enables the car to stay on and run the other power-consuming components such as alternators, sound systems, air conditioners, etc.

Idle Air Control Valve

The IAC valve is a major part of the IAC system. The IAC valve regulates the amount of air required to maintain a constant idling speed. It serves as a throttle body plate bypass.

What are the Symptoms of the P0507 Code?

Fortunately, the trouble code P0507 is not severe. Whenever this code is set, it signifies that your car’s idle speed has risen over its actual idle speed. Besides, you will notice the “Check Engine Light” on your dashboard as a warning sign.

The common symptoms of P0507 are listed below:

  • The check engine light illuminates.
  • Higher engine working sound than normal.
  • When idle, the engine struggles to remain on. It may threaten to stall.
  • Trouble accelerating your car.
  • Changing the idle speed quickly
  • Higher engine idle speed.

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What are the causes of the P0507 Trouble Code?

There are various causes of the P0507 code that may differ according to the car model, severity, and components. Only a perfect diagnostic and inspection will help in detecting the actual cause of the P0507 code.

Below given are the most prevalent causes of P0507:

  • Vacuum leakage
  • PCM or data network issues
  • Air intake leaks after the throttle body
  • Idle air control system’s short circuits
  • EGR valve leakage
  • Uneven Power Steering Pressure
  • Positive crankcase ventilation (PCV) valve failure
  • Sensor failure
  • A loose connection
  • Damaged wirings
  • IAC valve failure
  • Throttle body contamination/damage
  • EVAP system failure
  • High carbon collection in throttle air intakes

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Common P0507 Code Diagnostic Mistakes 

Make sure to detect the main cause of the error code P0507 before replacing any component. Similarly, the trouble code should be cleared after replacing the specific component. The most common mistake while fixing a P0507 is the premature replacement of the following components before checking the vacuum leaks and visual examination:

  1. Idle air control valve
  2. Throttle body
  3. Power steering power switch

How to diagnose the P0507 Code?

The following are the steps you must follow to fix or diagnose the P0507 code:

  1. Get an OBD II scanner and initiate the diagnosing process. It may be hard to find the exact cause of the issue at first.
  2. Read the scanner reading and verifies the P0507 code.
  3. Remove the codes and have the test drive to reset all the trouble codes. Perform this test drive to find the problem.
  4. To locate a leak, look for ripped vacuum lines.
  5. Check the RPM using a scan tool while examining the IAC and power steering pressure switch.
  6. Conduct a visual inspection to look for any ripped vacuum lines or exterior air leaks.
  7. Examine the PCV valve for obstruction.
  8. Examine the throttle body for excessive carbon buildup as well as correct opening and closing operation.
  9. Finally, test the charging system.
  10. After the replacement of all the necessary parts, remove all the codes and restart the system before a test drive.

How Serious is the P0507 Code?

The severity level of the P0507 code is low, and it is not serious. Generally, you can drive easily with this code. The engines go running, but you experience a rough ride. With this code, you will notice a higher idle RPM, which may feel rough when the transmission engages. The idle speed of the engine can surge unexpectedly sometimes.

How much does it cost to fix a P0507 code?

The cost of repairing and fixing the code P0507 varies according to the car model, the nature of the repair, and the labor cost. As an estimation, the average cost to fix code P0507 is between $135 and $540.

Listed below are the replacement rates of some specific components:

IAC valve cleaning$165 to $420
Throttle body cleaning$65 to $220
Power steering pressure sensor replacement$165 to $335
Repair intake or vacuum leak$115 to $320
Throttle cable adjustment$45 to $135
Electronic throttle body replacement$480 to $1,200
IAC valve replacement$115 to $650

Frequently Asked Questions

What does idle air control system RPM higher than expected mean?

Trouble Code P0507 stands for “Idle Control System RPM Higher than Expected.” It indicates that the PCM has identified that the engine idle speed has surpassed the manufacturer’s pre-programmed descriptions for an extended period of time.

What repairs can fix the P0507 Code?

There are some quick fixes for the P0507 code. However, it is still recommended that a proper diagnostic should be performed prior to repair.

Following are those quick fixes you can try to fix the P0507 code:

  • By cleaning the throttle body
  • By replacing the faulty sensor
  • By examining and cleaning the PCV valve
  • By cleaning the idle air control valve
  • By replacing the electronic throttle body
  • By replacing the faulty idle air control valve
  • By relearning idle air volume
  • By repairing intake or vacuum leak
  • By performing a throttle cable adjustment

Can you drive with a P0507 code?

The presence of a P0507 fault code does not stop you from driving your car. You can easily take your car to the service center with this code. However, you may experience difficulties in starting the car, engine stalling, harsh gearbox engagement, and constant high noise at idle.

Is it possible for a vacuum leak to generate a high idle?

Yes, the engine’s idle RPM may increase in fuel-injected motors due to the vacuum leak. Additionally, if the leak is sizable, it will eventually double the idle speed. On the detection of the vacuum leak, the oxygen sensor of your car will notice additional oxygen going into the intake manifold.

What causes high rpm at idle?

Following are the major causes of higher idle rpm:

  1. Engine overheating
  2. The faulty cooling system of your car
  3. The fuel pressure regulator may be running at insufficient pressure and should be changed.
  4. The ignition timing may need to be adjusted.

Can a throttle body be clean without removing it?

Yes, you can clean the throttle body without removing it. The process is quite simple. Just apply some spray of throttle body cleaner to it and wipe it with the help of a cloth or maybe a toothbrush.

Compressing the gas pedal will be good to open the butterfly valve. It will help in cleaning the throttle body easily. If you’re cleaning it by yourself, be cautious about your finger and carefully push on the valve to open it.

How do you fix high idle after cleaning the throttle body?

Cleaning the throttle body lets more air into the engine, which the PCM compensates for by supplying extra fuel. The idle will be relearnt if you drive your car and allow the idle to drop for 2 to 4 minutes with all accessories turned off.

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