P0332 Code Meaning, Symptoms, Causes, And Fixes

The engine contains multiple sensors. These sensors help to improve engine performance. These sensors measure the data of different engine parts and transfer this data to the powertrain control module (PCM). The PCM uses this data to control and regulate different features. The knock sensor is one of the most important sensors of your engine. Whenever your knock sensor sends a lower signal to the PCM than a specific limit, your PCM triggers the P0332 code.

The purpose of the knock sensor is to measure high-frequency engine vibrations characteristic of knocking and transmit a signal to the PCM. This article mainly explains the P0332 code meaning, symptoms, and causes.

P0332 Code Definition

P0332 code stands for “Knock Sensor 2 Circuit Low Input (Bank 2).”

In this definition, Bank 2 indicates the side of the engine that contains cylinder number 2.

What Does the P0332 Code Mean?

The P0332 code indicates that your Power Control Module (PCM) has received a reading from knock sensor #2 in Bank 2 that is lower than the manufacturer-specified range.

P0332 Code

The main function of the knock sensor is to send the signal to the PCM when the engine is knocking. The knock sensors are used in spark advance control and help to improve fuel economy and engine performance.

When the knock sensor goes bad, it sends a poor signal to the PCM, which causes poor engine performance and engine damage. A bad knock sensor may also lead to an increase in exhaust emissions.

As your PCM sensor detects poor reading from the knock sensor, it triggers the P0332 code.

Causes of P0332 Code

  • A bad or damaged knock sensor
  • Broken or damaged knock sensor connectors or wires
  • Bad EGR system
  • A lean air/fuel ratio
  • Defective engine cooling system
  • Bad PCM

Symptoms of P0332 Code

  • Illuminated check engine light
  • Higher emissions
  • A clear reduction in the fuel economy
  • Poor engine performance
  • Pinging in the engine
  • Loss of engine power

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How to Diagnose the P0332 Code?

Follow the following steps to diagnose the P0332 engine code:

  • Use an OBD-II scanner to verify the presence of the P0332 code.
  • Utilize the freeze frame data to check what’s going on. Continue the troubleshooting based on the other trouble codes you may find.
  • Clear the codes and test drive your vehicle. If the P0332 code returns, then move for further inspection.
  • Visually inspect the connectors of the sensor.
  • Use an ohmmeter to test the connectors and circuits.
  • Inspect the wiring of the knock sensor for damage and corrosion.
  • Test your knock sensor by using a multimeter. If the sensor is faulty, replace it.
  • Test your PCM by using a scan tool. Reprogram or replace it if needed.

Common P0332 Diagnosis Mistakes

  • No proper inspection and diagnosis of the root cause of the problem.
  • Not properly inspecting all the parts.
  • Replacing the knock sensor without inspecting the wiring or connectors first.
  • Not diagnosing and repairing other related trouble codes
  • Replacing the knock sensor without inspecting the cooling system and EGR system.
  • Replacing the unnecessary components
  • Not clearing the PCM codes after fixing the code.

How serious is the P0332 Code?

The P0332 is not a serious trouble code. However, this code indicates a bad knock sensor. When the knock sensor goes bad, it generates different drivability issues. The bad sensor doesn’t properly send information to the PCM. This can lead to an engine that runs rough, overheats, has poor fuel efficiency, and other problems.

However, if an underlying engine knock occurs, you won’t have a sensor to detect it. This means that if you ignore the problem long enough, you might be playing with fire – and the problem could end up costing you thousands of dollars if you get unlucky.

Fixing Cost of P0332 Code

The repair cost of the trouble code P0332 varies according to labor cost, the vehicle model, and your area. To fix the P0332, you may need one or more of the following repairs:

Knock sensor replacement$290 to $380
Knock sensor harness$20 to $70
Temperature sensor replacement$390 to $430

What repairs can fix the P0332 Code?

To fix the P0332 engine code, you need one or more of the following repairs:

  • Replacing the faulty knock sensor
  • Fixing the cooling system issues
  • Replacing the damaged or bad EGR system
  • Repairing or replacing the damaged or frayed wiring of the knock sensor
  • Ensuring the proper installation of your knock sensor
  • Replacing the corroded or damaged connectors
  • Replacing or repairing the wiring harness
  • Replacing or reprogramming the PCM

FAQ Section

Can I drive with a P0332 code?

Yes, you can drive with a P0332 code for a short distance. But it is not recommended to drive with this code for a long distance. This code indicates a bad knock sensor. A bad knock may affect your engine performance and fuel economy. It may lead to your engine damage.

Can low oil cause knock sensor code?

Yes, low oil pressure can set a knock sensor fault code, but low oil pressure doesn’t damage the knock sensor.

What are the symptoms of a faulty knock sensor?

  • Illuminated check engine light
  • Poor engine performance
  • Poor fuel economy
  • Loud sound
  • Poor acceleration

Can a faulty knock sensor trigger the P0332?

Yes, a bad knock sensor is one of the most common causes of the P0332. When something goes wrong with the knock sensor, it doesn’t properly send information to the PCM. When the PCM receives wrong information from the knock sensor, it triggers the P0332.

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