8 Best Fluval Aquarium Pumps of 2023: Features, Pricing & Review

A pump is a device that uses to transfer fluids from one place to other. Pumps have multiple types, and Fluval Pump is one of them. This article is about the Fluval pump and the best Fluval aquarium pumps.

What is a Fluval Aquarium Pump?

Fluval is a manufacturing company that manufactures different products, including pumps. The pumps manufactured by the Fluval company are known as Fluval Pumps. 

A Fluval Aquarium Pump delivers excellent flow rates at different head heights and ensures powerful water flow in the sump-equipped marine system.

These are magnetic-drive, energy-efficient, and high-quality pumps that can be installed inside or outside the sump. Fluval Aquarium pumps are certified as durable by the sea and feature impeller technology that provides superior performance.

It is an important part of the sea aquarium deliveries, simulates ocean currents, and supports the growth of corals in the aquarium. These pumps have a strong head and flow rate, excellent efficiency, and quiet operation. It has minimal suction. And also, it has various ways to turn the pump.

How does a Fluval Aquarium Pump Work?

As discussed before, there are multiple types of pumps, and each type has different working according to its application. A Fluval pump is a centrifugal pump. Its works according to the principle of “angular momentum.”

  • First of all, the Fluval water pump sucks water from the reservoir into the pump chamber through the inlet valve after that water delivers to the impeller.
  • An impeller has multiple fixed blades that rotate with the rotation of the impeller. This impeller is enclosed in the pump housing.
  • As the water strikes the blades of the impeller, the impeller rotates the water with the help of centrifugal force.
  • The impeller blades change the kinetic energy of the water and convert it into speed. In this way, the impeller increases the speed of the water.
  • After passing through the impeller, the water enters the diffuser.
  • This diffuser transforms the water speed into pressure energy and increases its pressure. The main objective of a diffuser is to convert the fluid speed into pressure.
  • After passing through the diffuser, the water sends towards the discharge valve from where it transfers into the aquarium system.

Best Fluval Aquarium Pumps 

The best Fluval pumps are given below:

1) Fluval Sea SP2 Sump Pump 

Fluval Sea SP2 Sum Aquarium Pump is mainly designed to supply strong flow at several head heights to make sure brilliant water flow rates for the sum attached to ship systems.

These high-quality, energy effectual magnetic drive devices may locate inside or outside of the sump. Fluval pumps operate at relatively low temperatures, so they do not affect the water tank temperature either it operates externally or internally. These Pumps are Marine Electrical Certified.

Fluval Sea SP2 Sump Pump for Aquarium, fluval pump, fluval aquarium

Features of Fluval Sea SP2 Sum Aquarium Pump
  • Manufacturer: Fluval
  • Item Weight: 3.75 kg
  • Length: 9.3in
  • Height: 7in
  • Width: 10.3in
  • Efficiency: Very highly efficient
  • Durability: Highly durable
  • Working Temperature: Works at a relatively low temperature
  • It helps to ensure a brilliant water flow rate for sump-equipped marine systems.
  • Delivery Head: Powerful head delivery and flow rate
  • Energy Consumption: Low heat transmission to energy consumption
  • Hose Fittings: It contains barbed hose fittings

2) Fluval Sea CP1 Circulation Pump for Fish Tank

The innovative design and space-saving size of the Fluval Sea Circulator Aquarium pump offer great benefits such as minimizing tank penetration, improving energy efficiency, and providing steady ocean currents.

In contrast to other pumps, this highly efficient pump can transmit the output signal to support the coral with a gentle indirect current. In addition, Fluval’s CP-Series circulation pumps offer a comprehensive, steady stream of water to simulate the currents of natural reefs and provide relaxation for tank inhabitants.

Fluval Sea Circulation Pump, fluval pump

Features of Fluval Sea CP1 Circulation Pump
  • Manufacturer: Fluval
  • Efficiency: High energy efficient
  • Length: 3.6 inches
  • Width: 5.6 inches
  • Height: 3.8 inches
  • Capacity: Usable for up to 25 gallons of aquariums
  • Pumping Ability: This pump can utilize in saltwater or freshwater aquariums
  • Manufacturing: European-engineered and manufactured
  • Timer: Timer compatible
  • Noise: Quiet working
  • Mountings: Flexible mounting for easy repositioning and installation

3) Fluval Flex 9g WP500 Circulation Pump

The Fluval Flex 9g WP500 Circulator Pump has $1460.79045, which is cheap. It has various functions, such as an aquarium pump and a flexible pump.

Fluval Flex 9g WP500 Circulation Pump

Features of Fluval Flex 9g WP500 Circulator Pump
  • Manufacturer: Fluval
  • Durability: Highly durable
  • Capacity: Usable for up to 9 gallons of aquariums
  • Usable for small fish tanks
  • Weight: 8.01 Ounces
  • Height: 3.6in
  • Length: 5.5in
  • Width: 2.7in
  • Flex 9g exclusive
  • Excellent circulation
  • Wp500 Edition
  • Country of Origin: China
  • Installation: Easy Installation

4) Fluval U1 Underwater Filter

The Fluval U1 Underwater Filter is very suitable for use in almost all aquariums and reptiles. Utilize this filter as an auxiliary filter for a large aquarium or as a main filter for a small aquarium.

Fluval submersible filters with three-stage filtration are well suited for use in reptiles, marine, or freshwater environments, as well as for shallow water tanks. With the three-stage filtration with BioMax technology, you achieve excellent water quality in your aquarium.

The filtration unit may replace quickly and easily with a flip process. The 3-way flow control makes the new Fluval U-series a benchmark for underwater filtration. First-stage foam eliminates large atoms.

The second stage collects polyethylene/carbon cartridge small debris, increases the clarity of the water, and eliminates contaminations. In the third stage, BioMax offers the highest biological filtration effectiveness.

Fluval U1 Underwater Filter

Features of Fluval U1 Underwater Filter
  • Brand: Fluval
  • Filter: Fluval U4 Underwater Filter uses as an auxiliary filter for large aquariums or as a main filter for a small aquarium.
  • Installation: Installed horizontally for use in large tanks with a low water level, shallow water tanks, or to make a decorative waterfall
  • Filtration Unit: The filtration unit may replace quickly and easily with a flip process.
  • Current: Place it vertically opposite to the aquarium wall to generate current or customize the water flow pattern
  • 3-way adjustable flow control: The upper outlet is used for circulation and oxygen supply; the integrated spray rod ensures an easy even flow. The lower outlet is used to mix deep seawater.
  • Fluval U4 Underwater Filter is best to utilize in marine, reptile, or freshwater surroundings.
  • Efficiency: Highly efficient
  • Width: 5.2in
  • Length: 4.6in
  • Height: 14in
  • Weight: 2.47 lbs.

5) Fluval 07 Series Performance Canister Filter for Aquariums

The new 07 series is the seventh incarnation of Fluval’s best-selling tank filter series in the past four years. The latest generation of products not only integrates the features and reliability expected to lead the way in water filtration, but it also upgrades different features that make it quieter up to 25%.

As a result, Fluval 07 series is more flexible, energy-efficient, and powerful, and offers more performance improvements. In addition, it’s easier to use than before.

Fluval 07 Series Performance Canister Filter, fluval fish tank

Features of Fluval 07 Series Performance Canister Filter
  • Brand: Fluval
  • Reliability: Very high reliability 
  • Operation: Quiet operation
  • Use: Easy to use
  • Flexibility: Very Flexible
  • Energy Efficiency: High Energy Efficient
  • Width: 0.39in
  • Height: 0.39in
  • Length: 0.39in
  • Weight: 3.53 Ounces
  • Designs: The 07 series has many new design improvements that reduce workload and maintenance time.
  • Pump Output: According to the model, the 07 series can generate a constant pump output from 145 to 383 US Gal/h and a pressure that stands over time.
  • The 07 series uses the available capacity of the tank per square inch to position the medium correctly and maximize medium space in a small space.
  • Performance: These pumps have high performance with low energy use. For example, the 207 and 107 models only consume 10 watts of power; this power equals a household LED lightbulb.

6) Fluval Sea Evo V Saltwater Fish Tank Aquarium Kit, Black

The Fluval Sea EVO Fish Tank Aquarium has the same performance as the aquarium but is small enough to fit on a table or desk. The ultra-bright 11000K LED light offers optimal environments for healthy coral growth, conditioning, and color. The powerful three-stage water filtration and the extremely large media of this pump ensure the incredible quality of water.

Fluval Sea Evo V Saltwater Fish Tank, fluval aquarium

Features of Fluval Sea EVO Fish Tank Aquarium
  • Brand: Fluval
  • Housing: Smooth waterproof housing made of aluminum
  • Capacity: Best for a 5-gallon glass aquarium for saltwater fish
  • Hood: Multifunctional hood with an easy feed gate
  • Design: The slim honeycomb design hides the aquarium’s filter compartment and the aquarium’s waterline on the back, making it look ultra-modern.
  • Light: Convenient LED light for the aquarium to start the night and day light
  • Filter: Powerful 3-phase filtration with large biological, chemical, and mechanical Fluval filter media.
  • Shape: Rectangular
  • Color: Black
  • Weight: 11lbs
  • Width: 16.3in
  • Height: 11.8in
  • Length: 24.5in
  • Material: Glass

7) Fluval FX6 Pump

This pump has a capacity of 925 gallons/hour, but the filter speed is approximately 523 GPH. This means the Fluval FX6 may use in aquariums having water up to 400 gallons. However, depending on the resident, it can also use for small aquariums having up to 55 gallons of water.

FX6 is not best for the small fish community. But FX6 is the best option for amphibians and reptiles because these animals produce large amounts of waste in just a few days and pollute the aquarium in a few days.

Fluval FX6

Features of FX6 Pump
  • Brand: Fluval
  • Ideal: Best for amphibians and reptiles
  • Can use in the smallest 55 gallons of aquarium
  • Capacity: It can also be used for 400 gallons of aquarium
  • Circulation: 563 US Gal/h
  • Length: 75in
  • Height: 8in
  • Width: 75in
  • Biological Volume: 5 US Gallons
  • Warranty: 3 years

8) Sicce Syndra SDC Pump

It is a DC pump. You can run it on mobile app.

Features of Sicce Syndra SDC Pump
  • Made in Italy 
  • It runs on DC voltage 
  • It has 5 years warranty 
  • You can easily control it via mobile app
  • It is very expensive

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