How Does An Electric Air Pump Work? | How to select an Electric Air Pump?

An electric air pump is a pump that is used to pump air. An electric air pump uses electrical energy to pump air. This electricity is depleted to turn the impeller and suck air inside the pump. Bicycle pumps use for inflating aquariums and ponds with air stones, a gas compressor used to drive a pipe organ, air-born or pneumatic systems are the common examples of electric air pumps.

All types of pumps have moving parts (diaphragms, impellers, pistons, blades, crankshaft, etc.) to drive the airflow. As the air moves, an area of ​​low-pressure forms that’s fills with more air. The electric air pump is mainly used to force the air into the chamber. These pumps are used for vacuum cleaners, ponds, aerating water aquariums, and inflating purposes.

electric air pump

Electric air pumps work in a relatively low-pressure atmosphere. The air flows continuously through the air pump. An electric air pump is a free-flowing pump that has little or no backpressure.

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How Does An Electric Air Pump Work?

Electric air pump works like other air pumps, but the electric pump uses electricity as a power source. These pumps can work with impeller blades, diaphragm, or vanes designs. Electricity is used to generate a vacuum in the pump, which draws air from the atmosphere into the pump.

The air is pressurized and forced into the desired chambers like aerators, tires, and balloons. The electricity may be supplied directly from a DC power source or a battery.

Electric Air Pump Working

These pumps usually attach with an automatic on/off switch and a pressure gauge (manometer). The manometer assists in measuring the pressure inside the chamber and provides a feedback indication to the control device. After reaching the desired pressure conditions, the feedback signal stops the air pump by the controller.

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How to select an Electric Air Pump?

Following are the factors that you should keep in your mind during the selection of an electric air pump.

1) Type of Location:

Firstly, you need to decide either you want to use an automatic driven or a manually driven pump. Manual-driven pumps have a low cost, but they need a person for operation. But automatic pumps have a high price, but they don’t require a person for their operation. The automatic pump can be operated for a long time without any manual work.

2) Power Requirements:

You need to consider the power requirements of your pump. If the pumps fix in one place, it means that they are electrically operated. The portable pump has a battery that has a rated voltage range of 12 volts or 24 volts. Battery-operated pumps must be properly powered to ensure long life and to finish the pumping operation.

3) Nozzle:

The pump comes with an interchangeable pipe that can replace with a nozzle according to our requirements. Some types of pumps may have fixed nozzles that can’t replace. It would be best if you chose the right pump nozzle that accessories to your requirements.

4) Flow Rate:

You need to choose a pump that will provide the flow rate according to your requirements. High flow rate pumps are required for applications such as blow-up parachute balloons, inflate tires, and perform other high-speed operations. The flow rates are determined in gallons/minute (GPM).

5) Power Cables:

You need to select the length and type of connection for the pump’s power cables. The length of the power cables also plays an important role in the selection of an electrical air pump. Some applications, like pumping up shallow water in a pool, require a long power cord to keep water away from the pump.

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How to use an Electric Air Pump?

Before using any device, always wear closed-toe shoes and safety glasses. Ensure that the electric air pump is on a level surface and confirm the oil level in the pump before use. Then link the power tool with the hose and the air hose with the control valve.

Now you are ready to use your pump.

  • Ensure that the pressure switch handle is in the “OFF” view. Plug the power cable immediately into a grounded electrical outlet. We do not recommend the use of extension cords as they can overheat the motor. Use an extra air hose in its place.
  • Turn the pressure switch box handle into the “AUTO ON” view. This process allows the air compressor to create pressure in the air storage tank until it reaches the desired pressure. As the working pressure drops, the air compressor will automatically start increasing the pressure.
  • Adjust the pressure by adjusting the pressure control knob so that the pressure meets the PSI specifications of the tool. Do not go above the pressure suggested by the tool builder.

This 5-gallon portable electric air pump makes your job easy by giving you the additional power that you require to get the job done quickly.

  • When you are ready to turn off the air pump, move the pressure switch handle, turn it in an “off” position, disconnect the plug from the socket and detach the air hose.
  • Draw the air out by the air tank with the help of a control valve. When the pressure of the air tank drops below 10lbs, open the air tank drain valve.
  • Let the air pump cool down.

If the air pump stops suddenly, it may be due to the use of an extension cable.

Applications of Electric Air Pumps

  • An electric air pump is mainly used for inflating automobile tyre and kids’ balloon. In general, it is recommended that people who travel long distances should carry an air pump. Air pumps save effort, money, and time. The sales staff always carry electric pumps when they travel.
  • These pumps can blow up the sports balls, kids’ toys, rafters, kayaks, and camp houses for fun activities.
  • A vacuum cleaner uses to suck the air from the suction side and catch dust particles in the chamber to clean the floor.
  • Ventilation applications: Air pumps are used to aerate the water in aquariums and small ponds with the help of air stones.
  • Electric air pumps use as gas compressors to drive pneumatic tools and pneumatic horns.
  • These pumps use for applications such as ponds and vacuum cleaners etc.
  • These also use for aerating water aquariums and inflating applications.

Why Is the Electric Air Pump Such A Valuable Utility?

  • Many customers buy an electric air pump for their specific needs. A traveling salesman always has an electric air pump in the car because the tyre can start leaking during traveling. The longer a salesperson uses an electric air pump, the more he depends on it in every situation.
  • These air pumps can be used as a multifunctional device, saving the user effort, money, and time during the whole year.
  • During summer days, you can blow up the air mattress in your villa, camp, or sleepover with an electric air pump. This pump can also inflate inflatable kayaks and rafts, and toys for children to play at the beach or in the pool.
  • When bringing an electric air pump ashore, you can use the air pump as an air hose to spray the sand off your feet. This saves you the hassle of vacuuming your entire car at the end of a peaceful vacation.
  • Electric air pumps are also best for blowing snow pipes in the winter. More importantly, such devices allow these pipes to be rapidly and easily shrunk for storage.
  • From winter to spring, you can reuse these air pumps to remove cobwebs and dust from tight areas (like spring cleaning). It also uses to remove wood chips from the bench or workplace.

FAQ Section

What are the benefits of an Electric Air Pump over a Manual Pump?

  • Some electric air pumps have high weight than manual air pumps, which can increase energy and battery costs on some electric models. However, the overwhelming advantage of an electric air pump is that it can perform tasks that manual pumps normally cannot.
  • A manual air pump can’t perform an efficient job like an electric air pump. Most electric air pumps have an automatic pressure gauge that stops the compressor when the item inflates. The electric pump can run continuously for several hours, saving money, effort and time.
  • Electric air pumps have different extensions and can be attached to various nozzles and threads. Most manual air pumps, however, are specially designed and can only be attached to 1 or 2 nozzles. Electric air pumps are also very robust and can be repaired while manual air pumps need to be repaired with the help of your feet and hands.
  • Ultimately, the price of the manual air pump will be lower, but it doesn’t deliver enough use and satisfaction. It is mainly made for insulation applications while advanced electric air pumps need to act as an all-in-one solution.

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