What Are Some Long-Term Effects of a Car Accident?

Effects of a Car Accident

Being in a car accident is not an uncommon situation. You may find yourself in an accident when you least expect it. You may also not expect to deal with long-term effects after a crash. Visit Icon Medical Centers to read about the most common car accident injuries and their long-term effects. Read on to learn about the most common long-term effects you or a loved one may face after an accident.

Effects of a Car Accident

1) Physical Effects

Physical injuries are common when involved in a car accident. You may hit your head against the windshield, break a bone, experience whiplash, or endure other severe injuries. Many of them will require immediate medical attention. With proper treatment, you may fully recover. However, other injuries will have long-term effects that may affect you for months or years.

Although you may leave the symptoms of whiplash behind after a couple of weeks, you may deal with neck pain for years. Sustaining a brain injury may have particularly devastating long-term effects. You may never be able to recover and may require a caregiver by your side daily going forward.

2) Emotional and Mental Effects

You may have emotional and mental injuries even if you feel physically fine after an accident. Dealing with anxiety or depression may impact your job, personal relationships, and other aspects of your life.

You may find it harder to fall asleep or to stay asleep after an accident, reliving the scene every time you close your eyes. Lack of sleep can prevent you from performing even small tasks and may affect your job.

PTSD is also common after an accident. You may develop a paralyzing fear of driving, become fearful of sudden loud noises, or be unable to drive by the scene of the crash. The best way to overcome PTSD or any other emotional consequence of the accident is to seek help from a mental health professional.

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3) Financial Effects

The financial impact of an accident is difficult to measure. You may not only be dealing with a pile of medical bills but also need money to fix your car, all while missing work because of your injuries.

Once you start accumulating debt, it may be hard to recover. Filing for bankruptcy may be an option, but it is not a decision to make lightly since it has other consequences that may affect your life in the future.

If you feel like you are drowning in debt after the accident, your best option might be to talk to a car accident attorney to help you file a claim. You may be able to receive compensation for your injuries and other losses.

A legal professional can point you in the right direction while you focus on recovering from your injuries. You may get compensation for medical expenses, wage loss, and pain and suffering.

How long after a car accident can you expect symptoms to appear?

Researchers have been studying why some people feel the immediate effect of an injury, even when it is not obvious, while others experience delayed symptoms and pain. There is nothing stronger to support this research than what people experience after being in a car accident. While some victims experience all pain and symptoms right away, many others take hours, days, or even weeks to manifest their pain and symptoms.

Adrenaline and endorphins coursing through the body during a traumatic event may be to blame for this phenomenon. The release of these chemicals can mask feelings of pain, allowing them to be felt slowly as these elements disappear.

Since there is no universal answer to how long a symptom can manifest itself after an accident, it is important for you to constantly monitor yourself in the days and weeks following the accident. Do not disregard any changes, no matter how insignificant they may seem to you, and reach out to your doctor whenever you feel that you may be developing new injury or pain symptoms.

What symptoms should you be looking for?

Although everyone reacts differently after a traumatic event, you may want to monitor yourself to check if any of these symptoms appear:

  • Fatigue
  • Headaches
  • Abdominal pain
  • Back or neck pain
  • Tingling and numbness
  • Personality or behavior changes

Call your doctor even if you believe the symptom to be unrelated to the accident.

Can I file a claim for delayed injuries?

Unfortunately, waiting too long to report your symptoms after the crash may result in your insurance company denying your claim. You may have to work with an attorney to prove to the insurance company that the delayed injuries were caused by an accident.

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