What is a Drill Pump? | 7 Best Drill Pumps for 2022

What is Drill Pump?

A drill pump is a most famous type of pump used to pump non-flammable liquids. A drilling pump does not contain an inner electric motor to operate the impeller. Instead, it uses a standard hand drill powered pump to transfer the liquid around.

The energy of the drill motor drives the impeller, which extracts liquid from the impeller and diverts it out from the other side of the casing of the outlet line.

Drill pumps do not have the functionality of standard pumps. These pumps cannot move large volumes of fluid over long distances. It is powered through a hand drill to transfer the fluids. The drill drives the impeller to draw fluid out of the inlet tube and then out of the outlet tube.

drill pump

These pumps are valuable in numerous applications. These pumps can help you if you need to divert the oil, if you want to drain the pool, or if your flood floods.

How does a Drill Pump work?

A drill pump has a simple construction and working. It has a central part that has clearly marked suction and discharge sides. The central part has a circular shape and comprises a mechanism on one side of the circle that attaches to an adjustable electric drill.

When the drill water pump starts working, the impeller begins to spin, which sucks water from the inlet valve. As the impeller rotates, the volume between the blades increases, which creates a low-pressure area where atmospheric and static pressure pushes the water inside the pump.

The impeller blades transform the speed of the water into pressure and increase the pressure of the water. After passing through the impeller, the increased pressure water sends toward the outlet area from where it is discharged. Drill pumps are limited by the capacity of the drilling rig and can only transfer a small volume of fluids.

How to make a Drill Pump?

How to use a Drill Pump?

A complete procedure for the use of a drill pump is given below:

Step 1:

First of all, wear protective goggles.

Step 2:

Incorporate the 0.25in impeller shaft into the drill motor chuck. For the safety of the impeller shaft to the drill, lock the chuck.

Step 3:

Connect the hose to the standard 0.75in. male garden hose plugs on each side of the pump. Connect a small hose to the pump inlet side to drain oil or remove non-flammable liquids from tanks with small openings.

Step 4:

Locate the hose connected with the inlet of the pump into the non-flammable liquid that you want to pump.

Step 5:

Increase the pump outlet tube to a new container or exterior if pumping pure water.

Step 6:

To move the drill motor forward, press the drill trigger and pumping the non-flammable liquids with the drill powered pump.

Step 7:

Ensure that the inlet hose is inside the liquid to prevent water from entering the pump housing during the entire operation of the drilling pump.

Step 8:

Clean the pump thoroughly after usage. After pumping toxic liquids or oil, inject a manufacturer-verified detergent through the pump to clean it.

How to choose a Drill Pump?

The selection of the drill pump type depends on the purpose of use and the type of work that you want to perform. There are numerous features involved in selecting which pump should buy.

1) What is the purpose of the drill pump?

These pumps can use for many purposes. They’re great for small drainage applications like cleaning up small floods, pumping water from wells, draining tanks, cleaning clogs, and changing oil.

2) Why you use a Drill Pump

These pumps have several benefits over standard pumps when they are suitable for an ongoing project. Drill pumps have a low price cheaper as compared to standard pumps due to their small size than standard pumps. In general, when used properly, they offer many mechanical advantages.

These pumps usually depend mainly on your hoses and the drill that you operate. This is because if you are using a stronger drill that can cause damage, it can control it easily. The disadvantage is that using a low power drill can take a long time to drain the fluid. Leakage can also occur if the hose is not fit correctly.

Due to its size, the average noise of the drill pump is also low. The performance of the pump also decreases environmental pollution. Compared to other types of pumps, the size of the drill powered pumps is small, making them compact and portable.

In most cases, a Drill water pump is easier to use than a standard pump due to that it is best suitable for an inexperienced user. It has high safety than a standard pump.

Best Drill Pumps of 2022

The best drill pumps of 2022 are given below:

1) WaterAce WA62UP Drill Pump, Black

WaterAce WA62UP Drill Pump

Product Description:

The Water Ace WA62UP drill pump is best for transporting fluid from one medium to other. They commonly use to drain liquid from tubs and sinks with spas, empty pools, and clogged drains and use to drain excess water into submerged underground floors. Utility pumps are submersible or portable. Submersible represents that these pumps are designed to be immersed in the water. Portable represents that they design to work outside the water with a hose underwater.

Maximum utility pumps are made from rubber and plastic parts. If you run them dry (with no water circulating), the pumps will overheat, and the plastic and rubber parts will melt.


Battery Required? No
Included parts Pumps
Product pkg quality 1
Material Plastic or Rubber
Colour Black
Item Dimension 6 x 4 x 4 inches
Weight 15.8 ounces
Customer Reviews 3.9/5
Advantages and Disadvantages
It can easily drain small objects and pools.It doesn’t have the self-priming ability.
It is equipped with a hose, which makes it cheap and convenient. 
Provides work according to the requirements. 
Easy to use 

2) Milescraft 1314 Drill Pump750

Milescraft 1314 Drill Pump750

Product Description:

The Drill Pump750 is manufactured for use with most electric drills and has the highest speed of 2,800 rpm. These pumps are best for emptying small pools, aquariums, small ponds, and even flooded basements. The hose assembly is 3/4-inch and uses an ordinary garden hose.

It can pump 750/hour gallons of water and self-priming up to 12 ft. The 3/8-inch shaft of this device fits all common mandrels of most drills. It recommends using silicone grease. While applying, loosen the screws on the sides, apply some grease to the case in contact with the rubber fan blades, then reassemble it. During use, the drill must be set to advance, and the pump must rotate clockwise.


Manufacturer Milescraft
Item Weight 7.8 ounces
Material Silicone
Product Package Quantity 1
Item model number 1314
Color Original Version
Included Parts Bare-Tool
Battery Included? No
Battery Required? No
Warranty 2-year limited warranty
Customer Reviews 4/5
Advantage and Disadvantages
It drains the system very quickly.Chances of leakage around the piston.
First ordinary chuck  Automatic suction is not always effective.
It has an affordable price. 
It has the ability to pump 750 gallons per hour. 
It can self-prime up to 12 feet. 
The highest speed is 2800 rpm. 

3) EcoPlus 728310 Pump, 396 GPH, Black

EcoPlus 728310 Pump

Product Description:

These pumps are best suitable for everything from fountains to hydroponic techniques. This drill-powered pump has an internal thread, and the flow rate cannot be adjusted—a powerful oil-free rotor magnet for rare earth.

Ceramic bearings and shafts ensure reliability. Its parts move without problems. The filter prevents the impeller from break. It comes with a 120-volt power cord, including inlet and outlet accessories.


Manufacturer EcoPlus
Item model number 728310
Product Dimensions 6.4 x 3.1 x 4.5 inches
Item Weight 2 pounds
Size 396 GPH
Material Other
Style Fixed Flow
Color Black
Product Package Quantity 1
Voltage 120 Volts
Power Source 120v
Battery Required? No
Battery Included? No
Included Parts Pump with filter & 6 fittings
Warranty 1 year
Customer Reviews 4.5/5

4) ECO-FLO Products PUP63 Water Transfer Drill Water Pump, 300 GPH

ECO-FLO Products PUP63 Water Transfer Drill Pump

Product Description:

  • This drill pump is best for moving fluids from the clogged bathtub or sink and for draining water heaters.
  • Suction/outlet are clearly marked and designed for garden hoses
  • Corrosion-resistant thermoplastic structure


Manufacturer ECO-FLO Products
Product Dimension 6.5 x 4.53 x 4.72 in
Item Weight 7.8 ounces
Part Number PUP63
Product Package Quantity 1
Voltage 115 Volts
Product Model No. PUP63
Battery Required? No
Customer Reviews 3.9/5

5) WaterAce WA61UP Transfer Pump, Black

WaterAce WA61UP Transfer Pump, Black

Product Description:

  • WaterAce WA61UP pump is best suited for transporting fluids from blocked tubs and sink and draining liquid from heater and tank.
  • Use floor drainers to drain water up to 1/8-inch from a level surface.
  • Including a 6-inch hose, 10-inch motor cable, and impeller set.


Manufacturer ECO-FLO Products Inc.
Model number WA61UP
Weight 6.06 pounds
Color Black
Part Number WA61UP
Dimensions 7.08 x 8.74 x 7.08 in
Power Source Corded Electric
Included Parts Pump
Number of Handles 1
Product Package Quantity 1
Battery Required? No
Customer Reviews: 4.3/5

Advantage and Disadvantages

It has small sizeIt doesn’t have the self-priming ability.
It can be held in the hand when you want to use itIt can’t efficiently drain a larger area.  
Very suitable for small drainage applications. 
Affordable price. 

6) DEWALT 20V MAX XR Cordless Drill Combo Kit, Hammer Drill & Impact Driver, Power Detect Technology (DCK299D1W1)

DEWALT 20V MAX XR Cordless Drill Combo Kit

Product Description:

  • This pump uses a 20 V MAX * 8 Ah battery. The electric drill in this pump generates up to 29% power.
  • The DCD998 hammer drill in the cordless tool combination set has a powerful 3-speed all-metal gearbox that optimizes the operating speed of the tool for the job and accelerates the stone drilling speeds.
  • It has a durable 1/2-in ratchet nit-carbonate chuck with carbide blades for excellent impact resistance between the drill and driver.
  • DCD998 has a 3-mode LED in spotlight mode and a 20-minute switch-off function to extend your working time in dark or narrow spaces.
  • The DCF887 delivers 1,825 in-pounds of maximum torque at 0 to 3,250 RPM and shocks from 0 to 3,600 RPM per minute.
  • The compact size of the DCF887 (5.3 inches front and rear) and lightweight design (3.4 pounds) allow you to work in tight spaces.


Manufacturer Dewalt
Batteries 2 Lithium-ion batteries required. (included)
Item Package Quantity 1
Model number DCK299D1W1
Weight 3.4lb
Power Source Battery
Speed 250 RPM
Torque 1825-In Pounds
Dimensions 16.54 x 9.84 x 6.65 in
Voltage 20
Battery Cell Type Lithium-Ion
Battery Required? Yes
Battery Included? Yes
Customer Reviews 4.9/5
Advantage and Disadvantages
There are fixtures made of stainless steel to prevent corrosion.This pump has suction problems, and it may become unusable.
It has a self-priming ability.Self-priming is not always effective.
Suitable for small projects 

7) Jabsco Drill Pump Kit

These are the best ideal types of drill pumps. They have the self-priming ability. They can pump water as well as oil. You can also use this pump for your garden.

The main advantage of the Jabsco drill pump kit is that it has easy cleaning and is very resistant to cracking.

Advantages and Disadvantages
Works efficiently on engine oil.It doesn’t have a disadvantage.
It has an easy cleaning. 

FAQ Section

What is the cost of a drill pump?

The drill pump cost varies according to the area where you live, capacity range, and the type of brand.

The average cost of the drill pump is from $20 to $40. You can also buy low-cost drill pumps, but they will not much effective as a top-quality drill pump.

How do you grease a drill pump?

The drill pump greasing is very easy. Follow the below-given steps to grease your drill pump:

  1. First of all, unscrew the black casing screws and cover,
  2. Add a small amount of grease on the casing where the rubber fan blades touch
  3. After grease addition, reassemble all the parts in their place.

Is a drill pump self-priming?

Some types of drill pumps have the self-priming ability while other types don’t have the self-priming ability.

What is a drill pump used for?

  • Emptying clogs
  • Changing oil
  • Draining tanks
  • Pumping water out of pits or wells
  • Pumping mud
  • Hydraulic pumping
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