What Is An Electricity? An-Overview


Electricity is the power source technology used widely in almost every corner of the world. Electricity is undoubtedly an excellent facility; it enables machinery, engines, and other electrical appliances to work properly and so that we require disdain its uses. …

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What Are Slip, Trip, and Fall?


This article describes slip, trip, and fall hazards. Slip, trip and fall are the most common types of hazards. These hazards are most found at the construction workplace. The following are typical slip, trip, and fall hazards. Glass-like floor surfaces …

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What Is Physical Hazard?

noise physical hazard

A physical is a most famous type of hazard. A physical hazard is a circumstance, factor, or agent that may harm after making contact. These hazards are most common in different industries, especially in mining and construction industries. These hazards …

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What Is A Hazard?

hazard signs

This article profoundly describes different hazard types and their controls. The terms “risk” and “hazard” often use synonymously. In the case of a risk assessment, these terms (risks and hazards) have different meanings. So, a hazard is something (hazardous substance, …

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