What Is the Procedure of Boiler Service? | An-Overview

What is a boiler service?

A boiler service makes sure that your boiler and central heating function are working as efficiently and smoothly as feasible. Depending on your device, the service is typically completed in less than one hour.

During the steam or gas boiler service process, a specialized gas safety engineer follows a complete boiler service checklist to ensure everything is inspected and is working properly. When you make a reservation, you can be sure that your boiler is as safe and efficient as you want.

boiler service

What could be the problem with your boiler?

There are many types of boilers, but the most known type is the condensing boiler that is most commonly available in the market. This signifies that the exhaust gas does not evaporate into the air but condenses into a liquid. This process permits the boiler to absorb more heat from the fuel and reduces the stack’s heat loss.

So, this condensed water is eliminated through the condensate tube. This condensate tube can freeze at lower temperatures. If the boiler does not work and the outside temperature is less than the freezing point, this may happen due to a frozen condensate tube.

It is best to put the hot water on the frozen tube up to the ice melts. I hope that this process will make the boiler to work again. If the weather condition is icy, you may pour hot water (instead of boiling water) on the condensate tubes. However, if the weather is still cold, watch out for icing after the water has cooled down.

Ideally, the engine pipes should be insulated to reduce the possibility of freezing. Another choice is to use a wide tube instead of a thin tube. In this case, the temperature must be lowered to allow ice to form in the tubes until they freeze.

What to do if the boiler does not work?

I hope that your boiler works fine. However, you may require a professional’s assistance if you encounter any of the following problems:

1) Radiator takes time to warm up

If the radiator heats up after a long time, there may be sediment in the system. If the boiler is very old, then it may go out of service.

2) Unpleasant boiler odor

If the boiler is producing a bad smell, that’s a bad indication. In the worst-case scenario, this can occur due to carbon monoxide (CO2) leakage that should be corrected very quickly by a gas safety technician.

Any odor that a boiler produces should check as soon as possible. After investigating this smell, it should be resolved as soon as possible.

3) Bills rising

A gas or steam boiler becomes less efficient with increasing its service time. So, it may be time to purchase a new one. If you look at the types of boilers, you will need to find boilers with the latest condensing system. These boilers usually have maximum efficiency.

4) Boiler leakage

Boiler leaks can damage internal components. Otherwise, the piping system may lose. Find out this problem immediately and make contact with a specialist. It is very easy to find a nearby boiler engineer.

5) Boiler is producing bad sounds

I want to hear a buzz, a clink, a click, and a click from the kettle. There are many reasons due to that these sounds generate. These sounds may occur due to damage to the boiler valve or due to wear and tear.

Tips for getting your boiler back in action

1) Check the pressure

If the boiler is inactive for a long time, then check its pressure level. The pressure should be approx. 1 to 1.5 bar. If the displayed pressure is less than 0.5 bar, the system must be pressurized again.

  • Check the position of the pressure gauge and the filling loop. (The handle of the filling loop should be at a 90 ° angle to the pipe flow.)
  • Switch off the boiler
  • Turn the two handles of the filling loop according to the pipe direction. (You should hear the water flow)
  • It would be best if you increased the pressure. When you have reached the desired pressure, watch the pressure gauge and close the handle.
  • Turn ON the boiler again.

If you are not sure about this procedure, then you may make contact with your local professional.

2) Bleed the radiators

This is an incredible and straightforward pleasing work. Only a radiator key will you need in this process. You can purchase this key at any hardware store for less than £2. After buying the key, you will need to follow the following steps;

1. Switch on the central heating

2. Check the radiators to make sure which one is not producing heat.

3. Turn off the central heating

4. Place the towel under the unheated radiator.

5. Insert the wrench into the valve of the radiator.

6. Turn counterclockwise until you get a hissing sound

7. Be careful with the water!

8. Wait for the stoppage of hissing sound, then release the key.

Boiler service checklist

The most important thing is to get the value of the money from the boiler or other machinery service. The ultimate goal is to avoid damage to the boiler, which would increase costs in the long term. Here is a complete list of different points that take place during boiler service.

1) Visual inspection

In the visual inspection process, the engineer visually inspects the boiler, clean and adjust the various parts as needed. He also looks for signs of damage and quickly finds visible signs of failure. After that, he moves toward the next step of boiler inspection.

2) Operation and control

boiler controls

Boilers have safety devices and many controls that are checked for proper operation. If necessary, the technician will check either all the components of the boiler are operating correctly or not.

3) Chimney and combustion outlet

The technician will inspect the structure, termination and flue route (from the boiler to the pipes outside the house). He will ensure that there are no obstacles on the edges of the chimney and that the chimney is safely installed.

4) Clean the main components of the boiler

During boiler service, the technician will disassemble, check, and clean the boiler’s significant parts to make sure that they are fit for a specific purpose and are free from any obvious defects. This includes the ignition needle, flue ways, the heat exchanger, and the main burner.

5) Check, Check and Check

During the review of the boiler service list, there are many tests to be checked. Some of them are given below;

  • Flame the detector and also check that either it is working properly or not.
  • Seals
  • Safety devices
  • Gas flow and pressure
  • Boilers and nearby combustible materials location
  • Electrical wiring
  • Heating controls
  • Chimney efficiency
  • The pilot burner as well as probes and cables
  • Delivery of sufficient ventilation
  • Boiler Working
  • High limit thermostat

6) Make a record

During the boiler service, the engineer performs a series of tests and inspections and records every step or procedure, including a record of the boiler’s heat or pressure input. As a homeowner, you can keep this information for future checks or in case of problems.

7) Make sure the boiler is ready for use or not

boiler service check

At the end of the boiler service, the technician will check that the boiler is working properly or not. Any control or setting that was changed during the boiler service will be either reset or kept in the customer’s settings so that customer may easily change the settings himself.

What Are the Advantages of An Annual boiler service?

Boiler service is significant for its proper working. The steam or gas boiler requires service at least one time in a year for proper working. The advantages of booking an annual boiler service are given below:

1) Ensure safety

One of the top reasons for the annual boiler service is that it ensures your family’s safety. Boilers are fuel-burning devices that may emit toxic carbon monoxide (CO). CO is a hazardous gas that can cause death. The problem with CO is that the gas is tasteless, colourless, and odourless. Due to its odourless property, you can’t realize its presence at your home or workplace. Regular service of the gas boiler is therefore essential. By repairing the boiler, you can rest assured that you are safe or highlight the areas that need to be repaired before the boiler fails and seriously harms your health.

2) Keep your warranty intact

During the one year or more guarantee period, the manufacturer requires you to perform an annual boiler service to validate the warranty. Suppose your boiler is not serviced at least one time within the year under the warranty period. In that case, the warranty may be invalid, and you will be responsible for all relevant repair expenses in the event of a problem.

3) Early detection of system errors

Unless you are not a trained technician, you cannot know the boiler’s problem until you turn it ON and its ignition doesn’t start. Gas engineers can detect and resolve any potential problems during the service process before it’s too late. It doesn’t matter how small a problem with your boiler; ignoring it can produce serious problems that lead to high repair costs and safety concerns.

4) Extend the life of the boiler

First, the service life of the boiler and the model determine the level of energy savings. With the increasing age of the boiler, the energy efficiency unavoidably decreases.

If you want to replace your boiler, it will be expensive, and you will need to maximize your investment. Regular maintenance increases the service life of your boiler, and it efficiently works long time. The average lifespan of a boiler is 10 to 15 years. Please note, this service life can be reached or exceeded with careful and regular maintenance.

5) This is a legal requirement for the owner

If you are a homeowner, the law requires you to provide a gas safety record every year. This makes it very convenient to perform gas safety inspections during the service of the boiler. In this way, you can know that your boiler is working properly, and it puts the least risk to the tenant’s health.

How Much Does a Boiler Service Cost?

The service cost of your boiler varies according to different features. These features involve the time, competition level in the region, and the total market price. The “best price” can vary from city to city, country to country and engineers in Northern Ireland, Wales, Scotland and England often use various pricing schemes.

The easiest way to better understand the cost of servicing a boiler is to compare offers from many engineers in your city or country. Just fill a quick quote form to view real-time online pricing for local engineers instantly.

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