4 Best Websites For Cheap Car Rentals

We know that picking up a vehicle for a reasonable price appears to be a tricky thing. Especially when it comes to a good cheap deal. If you want to rent a car under 25, we have something for you! Cheap car rentals may be your way out when you want to organize a trip with friends or impress your girlfriend/boyfriend.
Fortunately, there are many websites, which are aimed to help you out with this purpose. All of them claim they could sort out really the best offers. Well, we’re going to check it! In this article, we gathered various services with a quick overview of each. Let’s get started!

What about a direct booking?

You can find out that giving perks to customers, when they book directly through their service’s website, is a usual and widespread practice among businesses. Still, they don’t always have the lowest pricing, and even when they do, searching through all the websites to get the best deal might take some time.

Websites for Cheap Car Rentals

Even if you plan to make a direct reservation with a vehicle rental company, it can be useful to quickly check prices on a widely used search website or online travel agency to ensure you’re receiving a service at the best possible price.
Tip: If your budget is not too tight, it is preferable to book a car right away through a major car rental company’s website. Hertz, SIXT, or AVIS are a few of these.

Everything is straightforward here; the more well-known a brand, the more confident consumers are in its products, and the car fleet is frequently much more modern.
Following are the best websites for cheap car rentals:

1) Skyscanner

Although this search engine is more known for hotels and flight requests, it’s quite suitable for automobile rental searches as well. The traveler is invited to select the first and last day of the rental using the widget so that the service can show the available offers.
Search algorithms allow you to choose the most rational option among hundreds of possible ones. The project is not a rental agency and provides only information services. In addition, you can also order a transfer from the airport to your accommodation.

  • Searches numerous websites simultaneously.
  • There is no rewards program.

2) Expedia

It is even more convenient when setting the starting rental data in Expedia to select the all-vendors mode – in this case, the plates will be compiled by car classes, and inside the table, there will be a list of rental offices with prices. Thus, you receive a very clear image.
Observe the location component as well. If there is a flight there, you will probably pick up the automobile at the same airport terminal where you are arriving. If the plane is accompanied by a bus, you will need to take some sort of transportation general or on the shuttle of a specific rental to get to another terminal before the rental.
Finally, when you see a bus, then a shuttle will be used to transport you to the rental, which is outside the airport.

Advantages of Expedia
  • Has its own program with rewards
  • Many choices for filtering
  • The opportunity to reserve a rental vehicle as part of a vacation package.
Disadvantages of Expedia
  • To get the cheaper price, you frequently need to pay in advance.

3) Kayak

The universal tourist portal kayak.com, along with the search for hotels and air tickets, offers a car rental service. It is available in most countries and cities where the service operates.
Offers from rental companies are displayed in a list after specifying the pick-up point of the vehicle, they contain basic information about the car and the conditions for its provision, the choice of additional options is already available on the page of the rental service itself, where kayak.com will send the client after choosing the right car.

Advantages of kayak
  • Wide selection of vehicles from leading fleets around the world
  • Low prices and special offers
  • Convenient search filters
Disadvantages of kayak
  • Lack of responsibility for the activities of the represented companies
  • Inability to read reviews within the resource

4) Autoeurope

The largest specialized car rental portal Autoeurope.com works with companies on all continents. It is enough to indicate the desired dates, the city, and the place of receipt of the car. The service will select suitable rental options, and the user will only have to choose a car class, and additional services, and make a reservation directly on the site.
Many companies offer additional services: protection against theft, the provision of child seats and infant carriers, a navigator, insurance against vehicle damage, and others.

The Autoeurope.com website is easy to navigate, it provides all the information about rental companies and detailed reviews. In case of impossibility to perform the service without problems return the money (except as specified in the rental conditions).

Advantages of Autoeurope
  • They work around the world
  • They have some of the lowest rental prices
  • 24/7 customer support in all languages
Disadvantages of Autoeurope
  • not found


Now, you know where to look for nice prices on rentals. Pay attention to the cheapest rental company for under 25. This agency provides the majority of car rental abilities, for example, driving via many kinds of policies: full to full, full to empty, etc. No matter which website you would use, any of those 4 are perfect sources, so it depends on your preferences. Notice that you can get acquainted with details about rental car under 25 by following the link.

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