Best Automobile Apps For Android Users

Technology is amazing; it can do wonders for our comfort and the efficiency of our daily tasks. When it comes to bringing technological revolution, the automobile industry is not far behind. The ease of driving, as well as other amenities, make the latest automobiles fun and comfortable. Longer drives now seem much shorter with so many entertainment options in your car.

Another advancement in this field is the incorporation of smartphone technology into our autos. With a familiar, smartphone-like interface, Android Auto replaces your car’s native infotainment system. It’s simple to set up and operate, but for the greatest experience, you’ll want to add third-party Android Auto-compatible apps.

Automobile Apps

Now all you need is a stable internet service that lets you stay connected even on the go, like Spectrum Internet, and you can use the many apps to turn your regular driving experience into a fun and smart one. Spectrum offers not just the best in-home internet but their users can enjoy nationwide free Wi-Fi to stay connected on the road.

Best Automobile Apps

Now once your internet needs are catered, you can download and enjoy the following auto apps on your android for multitudes of uses:

1) Pandora

When it comes to driving, most people’s automatic impulse is to put on the radio and listen to anything they want. Radio provides a variety of entertainment without requiring you to skip tracks or look for suggestions every now and again. Pandora is a personalized radio service that learns as you listen. When the app learns about your musical choices, it will make recommendations based on your preferences.

Unlike traditional radio, you can skip tracks you don’t want to hear – however, the number of skips accessible on free memberships is limited. For $5 a month, you can remove skip and replay limits as well as advertisements, and for $10 a month, you can transform Pandora into a Spotify-style on-demand streaming service. The app also includes podcasts, where you may find new podcasts or receive personalized suggestions based on your listening habits.


Every driver has to deal with automotive problems every once in a while. For beginners, this can be extremely annoying or even frightening. Don’t worry, the CARFAX Car Care App is here to help with your vehicle’s maintenance.

This free Car Care mobile app uses CARFAX’s proprietary service data to automatically display your service history and notify you when regular maintenance such as oil changes, tire rotations, car registration, and safety and emissions inspections are due.

There is a search for mechanics. However, it will only display mechanics from the CARFAX network. Most of the time, this is probably a good thing. It’s one of the finest, if not the best, car apps for staying organized.

3) SpotAngels

Saving money on gas, finding the appropriate parking spot, and avoiding parking tickets are all major concerns for all drivers. And SpotAngels can assist you with all of them. This free app leverages crowdsourced data to suggest you the best places to go. It assists you in avoiding fines and charges.

SpotAngels also includes a car location feature that can assist you in finding your car in huge, congested parking lots. Overall, SpotAngels is a terrific tool and friend to have in the city’s insane parking war.

4) Car part mobile apps

You may need to replace automobile parts from time to time, and having contacts with some of the greatest auto parts manufacturers will come in handy. Most of these auto parts manufacturers have their own mobile apps. NAPA, Advance Auto Parts, and Auto Zone are just a few examples.

You can purchase vehicle components through their apps. Aside from that, online sites like eBay and Amazon are wonderful places to find hard-to-find accessories and parts.

5) Apps from Your Car Manufacturer

Automobile manufacturers now have their own applications. They also serve a range of purposes. Remote starting your automobile, unlocking or locking the doors, diagnostics, and some extras are some of the features.

Audi, BMW, Cadillac, Ford, Honda, Jeep, Mercedes Benz, and Toyota are among the manufacturers with their own Android or iOS apps. Not all of these applications are free, and some, like OnStar, require additional memberships to use their services.

Final Words

Smartphones have become an integral part of our daily life. For many of us, there is scarcely a moment when we are not holding our phones. Technology has also infiltrated the arena of autos, providing a plethora of tools to improve our driving experiences in the form of various smartphone apps. Some of the best automobile apps for Android users are listed above. Check them out and download the ones that meet your needs.

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